Pantelleria Project

Tom’s First Week

Getting The Boots Dirty

As soon as I saw how our propeller plane landed I realized how small this volcanic island really is. It can feel a little isolating at times, which is good for concentrating on work without many distractions, but it also presents a problem of getting the word out about this project. This week has been primarily focused on the initial stages of the excavation and getting familiar with Pantelleria town. The town itself has a unique aesthetic, contrasted by concrete block buildings built after the Second World War and its Norman castello in the town centre. Having not experienced a newly begun excavation, it was interesting for me to see how much GPR (ground penetrating radar) readings can determine the placement of trenches, and to learn the hypotenuse method of trench marking. Finally, the much smaller team than I had experienced previously has allowed for me to understand more about the goings-on of archaeology through a more personalized work environment.

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