Pantelleria Project

Tour of Mursia

Professore Maurizio Cattani treated us to a fabulous tour of the Universita di Bologna dig at the Mursia area of the island.


Prof. Cattani with Andy Dufton and Patrick


View of U. of Bologna’s dig at Mursia

Taking care of business

We had an exhausting, but good, day today. Clive, Lucy, Luke, Patrick, and Brandon focused on some of our lasts major tasks inside the structure.

Andy and I hiked over the ridge to assess the extensive wall system (with different construction techniques), stone path to form a plan with our research questions for the future. There is so much archaeology here.

View across the neighbouring valley

Andy Dufton stands on one of the wall features in the neighbouring valley

Pantelleria Town Hall Meeting

We just had a two day visit from Sebastiano Tusa, which included our public presentations in the Pantelleria Town Hall today. There was a good attendance with positive feedback from residents. It sounds like we will have lots of local visitors this week.

The second sondage, this time in Room 4, was also begun.

Leonardo Abelli, Carrie Murray, Sebastiano Tusa at the Pantelleria Town Hall or our Project Presentations

Everyday is like a Sunday…

Brandon, Patrick, Lucy, and Luke

We are enjoying our day off today. We made an American style breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon at the request of Marvi. There is a scirocco blowing today, so we will try having a swim on the other side of the island.

We had a quick tour of some of the Byzantine Period remains elsewhere on the island.

Luke demonstrates the usage of the Byzantine burials.