Pantelleria Project

Heather’s First Week

In the beginning…..

The first week of excavation has gone really well, and the view from our trench is jaw-dropping. We already have four trenches open, and I have learned so much, not only about the site itself but also about the general antiquity of Pantelleria and its role in the Mediterranean world. In one week I have gained a greater understanding of Greek, Roman, Italian and African history; one example being Pantelleria’s role in the obsidian trade. This being my first excavation I have learned a lot of practical skills of archaeology as well, like site drawing and photography. The most exciting find so far has been a terracotta knuckle bone (astragalos) found in the top soil of my trench, whereas my favourite moment off site would be watching the finches from our front porch migrate from Tunisia to Sicily.

Heather- Week One Blog Photo - Copy

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