Pantelleria Project

Elliott’s First Week

The first week of excavation for BUAPP 2015 has brought with it a host of new experiences. Along with the traditional activities of moving topsoil, watching with hawk-like eyes for pottery and other material culture, and using a trowel to observe minute changes in soil, I’ve had the chance to engage in some aspects of archaeological fieldwork that are new to me. One such aspect is the drawing of a plan, which reproduces a bird’s-eye view of a particular feature or stratigraphic unit (SU). Though juggling so many different activities is sometimes exhausting, one only has to turn and gaze upon the stunningly beautiful volcanic crater lake that lies close to our site to feel refreshed and reinvigorated. The lake, commonly called the Lago di Venere (Lake of Venus), also goes by another name, the Mirror of Venus, because of its amazingly clear, calm, reflective stillness.

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