Pantelleria Project

Kim’s First Week

The Pantelleria Project at the Lago di Venere has proven to be both inspirational in the field of archaeology and remarkable in broadening my cultural lens. Trying to put myself in the shoes of the people of antiquity really puts things into perspective, in particular the spectacular “Mirror of Venus” effect when the water of the lake is completely still. Clearing an area in preparation for a dig can be quite taxing, especially when there are branches thicker than your arm, but I hacked my way through one, literally. Excavations at a new site can be challenging as well, but perseverance and dedication paid off with interesting finds both in situ and in terms of artifacts. This first week has proven to be a test of cultural learning in areas outside of the dig site and getting used to “island time”; it has also opened my eyes to the different methods used in excavations.


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