Pantelleria Project

Alexandra’s First Week

It was a very exciting week at Lago di Venere as we just started excavations! In such a short period of time, the team has got a great deal of work done and everyone should be very proud. Two trenches in and we have already found some interesting artefacts and features. Starting a new excavation is much different than joining one that has been open for some time. There is a lot that has to get done before getting to work in the field and learning about the process of it has been very eye opening. Waking up at 6am every morning is absolutely worth it because of the beautiful view from the site. The most exciting part about working in the field is learning while doing, rather than just sitting in a classroom. The things we learn in class prepare us for what we have in store during excavations, like being able to identify certain objects for example; but the field gives you a chance to apply everything you have learned.

Colombini- Week One Blog Photo - Copy

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