Pantelleria Project

Kim’s Final Week

Closing week of excavation can feel both rewarding and disappointing at the same time. Any unanswered questions from the season cause a feeling of anxiety, not knowing all the answers that I had hoped to have figured out. But completing a season also brings a sense of accomplishment, being able to think back about all the interesting finds and in situ pieces that were uncovered from all our hard work. Closing processes includes a lot more recording work than normal, with many drawings and photos taken for proper documentation. This week we also learned all about pottery drawing, including which pieces need to be drawn, and how to draw them using special pieces of equipment. I really enjoyed this drawing process, and hope to have lots of practice doing it in the future. Taking a last look around Pantelleria and the Lago di Venere site make me realize what a special place this is both now and in the past, with a sense of serenity and purity shining through like a bright star. Thank you Pantelleria for an amazing four weeks of my life that I will never forget.

Shuert CLAS 4V85 Week 4 Photo

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