Pantelleria Project

Kim’s Second Week

Developments in trench excavations and learning about the cultural context of Pantelleria have progressed in this past week. It’s almost like solving a very complicated puzzle without the picture of the original to work from. Instead of constructing something from the ground up, you’re deconstructing each layer to figure out what came before it or matches it. Using the depth from the surface is simply not enough to answer all the questions. Interpretation of hypotheses and analysis are what bring us closer to understanding the events and functions of these items and sections in the past. Once the day has ended and everything has begun to settle, the stars at night that loom overhead are absolutely spectacular and make you forget everything else, giving a feeling of calm and serenity. I was able to see BOTH the big and little dippers for the first time. They were not faded by the effects of modern implements, but shone in their pure brilliance. It was a nice reminder of why I’m doing what I am, to try and discover the foundations of a more pure and simple time. The many mysteries of the ancient people of Lago di Venere are still unsolved, but some light is beginning to filter into their deep dark secrets.

Shuert Week 2 Photo

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