Pantelleria Project

Memories of August 2011

It was not too long ago that I travelled to Pantelleria with Lisa Mignone to see the prospective site, and meet the ARES Team in August 2011. We were blown away (almost literally on a day of scirocco) by the beauty of the island and the amazing archaeological remains scattered throughout.

Carrie at L’arco dell’ elefante

One of the Gran Sesi tumuli

View of the terraced hillsides for capers and zibibbo grapes

Our hike to the site with Leo, Marvi, and Roberta was a true adventure, blazing a trail through the dense forest. We encountered the immense dry-stone masonry peeking out from between tree limbs and ferns. After climbing to the top of the highest wall, we had a clear view of the coast in front of us and the top of the volcanic ridge behind us. We chatted over our ideas concerning the significance of the structure’s location. This seemed like a great place to start a project! The plan was hatched.

Hiking to the future site

We also met members of the team from Universität Tübingen who are excavating at the Roman acropolis. The site is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for our wonderful tour.

Touring the excavation of the Roman acropolis

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